When and how do I sign up?

Within 3 months prior to the month of your 65th birthday, or after being on disability for 2 years.

What are my options?

Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans

What is covered and do I need a plan to cover gaps?

Medicare only covers 80%. Insurance plans help cover deductibles, doctors, hospitals.

When is enrollment period and what does “OPEN” enrollment mean?

Enrollment period can be different in unique situations. Open enrollment is the period in which an individual can get coverage regardless of there health.

Do I have enough life insurance?

Will there be enough money to cover funeral cost and loss of income.

Do I want to secure my retirement or leave a legacy?

How diversified is your portfolio?

When and what is the “Annual Enrollment Period”?

Between Oct 15th-Dec7th, when an individual can look at all options and change their plan for the next year if they so choose.

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